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Lornic Design HE Hog Singer Nozzles
( Patent Pending )

Introducing the latest innovation from Lornic Design. Our new HE ( High Efficiency ) Hog Singer Nozzles.

Standard singer nozzles typically run at relatively low air/gas mixture pressures and low air/gas ratios. ( Most of the oxygen required to burn the gas comes from the atmosphere around the flame outside the nozzle.) The new HE nozzles run at a higher mixture pressure - typically 3x that of standard nozzles, and at a higher air/gas ratio. ( Most of the oxygen required to burn the gas is already pre-mixed before the nozzle. )

This results in a hotter, blue flame which more efficiently singes the carcass. The higher mixture pressures also create a higher velocity flame envelope which forces the flame onto the carcass instead of just burning a ball of fire around the carcass. Again, this results in better heat transfer and a better overall singe.

The design of the nozzle creates a "flat" flame profile, which spreads the heat evenly along the carcass, and also allows the individual burner nozzles to more effectively cross-ignite from a single pilot flame.

The result of this improvement in efficiency is gas savings of 10 to 40%, with a better quality singe! Payback for high speed lines can be as short at 1 month!

Standard Nozzles

HE Nozzles





Press the "Play" button to see the "Standard" and "High Efficiency " video clips of the Nozzles..

( Notice the "blow torch roar" of the higher velocity flames! )

( Note you may have to allow blocked content for the video to play )


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