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Original SELO LS-40

Lornic Design LDLS47

The Lornic Design LDLS-47 Lard Starter is an improved model of the industry standard SELO Inc. LS-40.

The LDLS-47 features include:

  • Smaller, lighter design - 5.5 lbs for the LDLS47 compared to 7.5 lbs for the LS-40 results in less operator fatigue
  • More ergonomically designed handle
  • Improved sanitary features
  • Improved maintenance features
    • control air connections connect directly to fittings on the handle
    • control valve is a screw-in cartridge valve again
    • no need to remove the handle to replace the control valve or broken control air lines
    • fewer parts

The unit can be supplied as an interchangeable "Gripper" to replace an existing LS-40, or a complete systems can be provided with a lifting air cylinders and pneumatic control panels.

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Comparison Photo
( Original LS-40 at top
New LDLS47 at bottom )

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