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NEW from Lornic Design

3D Rendered Model of Lornic Design Hog Polisher Whip

Photo of actual Hog Polisher Whip


Hog Polisher Whip
Part Number: PW101 ( Brown ), PW101N ( Natural - Cream Color )

" A Premium Part at an Economy Price! "

The new hog polisher whip from Lornic Design is made from a highly engineered thermoplastic material, which is significantly stronger than any other material on the market!  The stronger material allows for a smaller whip cross section for better flexibility, better cleaning and longer life.  Don't let the lighter weight of the whip fool you - it outlasts the competition!

Advantages to new design:

  • Highly durable material - lasts longer than competitive products
  • Increased flexibility for better carcass cleaning performance
  • Cleaner design ( no extra ribs and crevices ) for easier sanitation
  • Competitive pricing
  • Made in the USA!

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