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The latest innovation from Lornic Design!

Patented "X3" Star wheels

  • Provides additional support to scraper blocks
  • Longer scraper block life
  • Improved dehairing efficiency
  • Can use less expensive scraper blocks
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Conventional star wheel designs provide no support to the scraper block, even under extreme loading conditions. This allows excessive deflection of the scraper block, which results in shortened scraper block life.

Standard Star Wheel provides no support when the scraper block is deflected 60 degrees.

Even under extreme conditions that will cause 90 degrees of deflection, the Standard Star Wheel provides no support.

The new "X3" design utilizes an exclusive extended support profile to increase scraper block life, improve dehairing efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

The "X3" acts like a Standard Star Wheel - it is dimensionally interchangeable with OEM Star Wheels.

As load is applied to the scraper block, it will deflect until the "X3" limits its deflection. The main section of the block is now fully supported. The end of the block is left free to flex to better conform to the hog carcass.

The profile is designed to match the natural deflection of the scraper block. As normal loads are applied, it supports the block along its length. When high loads are applied to the block, the star wheel will prevent the block from being bent too far which will causes pre-mature failure of many blocks. Even as blocks start to weaken, the star wheel will continue to provide support to the block allowing blocks to be used longer with no loss in dehairing efficiency. The design will also allow for a less expensive, less rigid block to be used in the machine - again with no loss in dehairing efficiency.


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