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Lornic Design Exclusive - "J-bar" Dehairing machine

Our new design hog dehairing machine for the medium to large hog processor. Each machine is rated for 90 hogs per hour. For higher capacities, multiple machines can be combined in series. The machine is a single shaft design, each star wheel is indivdually clamped to the shaft allowing for the pitch of the machine to be set for each application. The unique "J-bar" design allows for open access from one side of the machine for maintenance and removing hogs when necessary. The roller bearing supported shaft allows for a non-recirculating water spray system for more hygienic dehairing.

Additional Features:

12.5 Hp Standard Drive
Constructed of heavy duty steel.
Hot-Dipped Galvanized after welding.Sealed roller bearings.
Direct shaft mounted drive.
18 star wheels with 8 scraper blocks per star.
Stainless steel doors and covers
Stainless steel spray pipe and nozzles
"Left" and "Right" Designs Available

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